International Counter-Terrorism Agency [ICTA]
[Archived one month ago]

10/14: The cargo ship NANDA has been sighted off the coast of Bwansuri. Intelligence reports suggest that a Bwansuri rebel faction is using the ship to transport firearms, mines, and attack drones to allies fighting against a regional warlord.

10/15: Terrorist organization Red Wolf entered Bwansuri waters on a fishing trawler, stormed the NANDA and executed all Bwansuri rebels on the ship.

10/16: Red Wolf was sighted exchanging weapons to a Bwansuri warlord for supplies and fuel.

10/17: Red Wolf departs Bwansuri coast, taking the NANDA cargo ship.

10/18: Lost satellite positioning of the NANDA in the Sirenic Ocean. Frontier drones have been unable to detect the ship’s location. Red Wolf may be dispersing Sycho Particles which are disrupting electronic visuals, effectively turning the NANDA into a phantom ship. As with most experimental technology, Sycho Particles are extremely unreliable, possibly offering us a chance to regain visual confirmation in the coming days.

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.