This month brings us to the end of both The White Wraith and Sailor Justice webcomics. Last year I took a chance launching several new comics and while the readership numbers have soared, the Patreon numbers sadly have not. As of now it just isn’t financially possible to continue producing them.

The original plan for 2023 was to continue The White Wraith and Sailor Justice, but also to launch an additional webcomic that would update on Saturdays. This was going to be a reboot of an earlier comic I wrote, titled MechanicaThe original version of Chapter 1 can be downloaded by Patreon supporters here. There were also early plans to reboot Welcome to the Machine, but that’s been sidelined as well.

The other bit of unfortunate news is that, since we’re falling short of our current Patreon goal for color Danger Zone One pages, it’s likely we’ll be returning to black and white pages next month.

In the case of The White Wraith and Sailor Justice, I feel bad for the artists who put 110% effort into these comics and can’t work on the next chapters that were planned. If our Patreon grows this year, then there’s a very good chance we can do future chapters.

I’m a firm believer in constantly expanding/growing with new projects each year, and the additional webcomics were very much a part of that. I’m also a believer that taking a step backwards, as is happening this year, is probably a good indicator that it might be nearing time to move onto other things and possibly away from webcomics.

As of now GunRiot and Pallad City Stories will continue weekly. Our Patreon content will continue to be as frequent as ever, updating nearly every day.

It’s truly Patreon supporters that keep these comics going and it’s simply not possible to do so without them. If you’re enjoying Danger Zone One, GunRiot, The White Wraith, Sailor Justice, and want to see tons of exclusive content on Patreon, then there’s no better time to consider supporting these projects. Any support at any tier makes a difference.