[Encrypted NetMail – Dated three hours ago]
To: MoneySpider@ShadowNet.xop
From: DataSplatter@ShadowNet.xop
Subject: Re: Intel


Got another update on that cargo ship.

The ship’s name is the NANDA, retired a decade ago but ended up “disappearing” from the breaking yard and never scrapped. It spent the last few years transporting guns around Bwansuri, then was forcibly commandeered by Red Wolf a month ago.

Safe to say the ship’s is currently stranded. Still no signs of movement—been like that for the last few hours. That area has a few deep sea exploration probes—I hacked into one and tested for any artificial vibrations and none were detected. The ship’s engine is off. It’s not a well-trafficked part of the Dering Sea, so no run-ins with other ships or the authorities, as far as any sat-scans show (I’ve attached the coordinates).

Intel suggests around 30 Red Wolf members onboard, but can’t be sure. Drone’s heat signature scan was questionable. Like we talked about, the ship’s transporting weapons for trade. It’s a near certainty the Snow Diamonds are still aboard. I’ve been tracking those diamonds for the last two weeks and all evidence points to Red Wolf planning to sell them for additional weapons when they reach their destination.
To: DataSplatter@ShadowNet.xop
From: MoneySpider@ShadowNet.xop
Subject: Re: Intel

Thanks, Data. This all sounds very promising.

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