[Entry logged 6 hours ago]
Commander’s Log – Entry #59

There have been several malfunctions aboard the NANDA, including the Sycho Particle dispersal system. We’re no longer “invisible” to sonar or satellite imaging. Repairs are underway, but could take hours to get it working again.

More concerning, engine trouble has been plaguing us as well. We’ve been forced to temporarily stop the ship while we run a full inspection of the engine room.

Paranoia is running high. A few crew members reported that they heard strange noises coming from the port side cargo hold. It started yesterday, after we picked up several new shipping containers and stored them there. The containers passed our security scans but, with the cargo we have, I’ll bring a few men along and personally check, just to be sure. Probably nothing more than rats—it always is.

Above all, the Snow Diamonds are secure, as is our other cargo.

—Commander Kril Yarden

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.