[Entry logged 5 days ago]
Commander’s Log – Entry #42

At last, we’re almost there. In a week we’ll reach our final destination and execute the drop off.

The NANDA has proven itself a fitting vessel for Red Wolf’s needs. Between the Sycho Particles masking our presence, a crew of well-armed men, and over forty crates of high-grade weaponry, this ship is an impregnable fortress.

So then, why do I find myself feeling uneasy? It’s as if some foreboding presence has gripped this ship. Initially, I thought it was only me—maybe a sign that I’m getting too old for these missions—but I can tell the entire crew feels it as well. I expect this from the younger recruits, many who complain about the tasteless rations, musty smells, and cramped quarters…but even the more seasoned Wolves have been tense and overly anxious.

As ordered, the Snow Diamonds were well hidden and knowledge of their whereabouts are known to only two people aboard the NANDA. But the diamonds’ safety was never the primary concern—the real prize we’re carrying is far more valuable. Maybe that’s why we’re all on edge.

The chances of being boarded are slim and, should it come to that, at least I can take comfort in knowing that every Wolf here would go down fighting to protect our cargo.

—Commander Kril Yarden

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.