GR03 DeepStar (from Manufacturer Catalog)

Employing the most sophisticated underwater technology available, the Green Reef’s GR03 DeepStar is a personal submersible without equal. Capable of reaching depths of 200 meters and speeds of 90 knots, the GR03 is powered by a Sesium 12 TurboCore generator, allowing for unprecedented acceleration and mobility.

The GR03 seats one pilot, features both manual/autonomous-drive options, and weighs only 3,000 kg.

Outside the submersible, the canopy is made of impact-resistant VersaGlass, while the body is constructed of high-strength alloyed crobite. Inside, the GR03’s cockpit houses multiple ultra-high definition monitors and comes equipped with a cutting-edge electronic sensor suite. Standard features include PulseSense passive/active sonar, oceanographic AR-integration overlays, real-time data analysis functionality, and detachable exterior probe scanners.

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.