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Topic: Omega Church

01 :Scissorman: 10/5 (01:02:38) ID: 8re37nf7
What’s the deal with the Omega Church? Been seeing their symbol graffitied everywhere in Pallad City lately.

02 :RedViper: 10/5 (01:10:12) ID: 4rt98er2
Omega Church? Don’t you mean Omega Cult?

03: :cyberBRAINROT: 10/5 (01:13:39) ID: 9ty29eh6
@Scissorman, bunch of wackjobs claiming they want a world without technology. Some guy was passing out pamphlets in the subway last week and I made the mistake of taking one. Gave it a quick read and tossed it. Their whole “mission” is borderline psychotic.

04 :BlackMagic29: 10/5 (01:19:20) ID: 2vb10sd0
I heard about Omega Church a month ago when that reporter went missing. Apparently she was trying to get inside the church and do an exposé on it but she ended up vanishing. I guess the cops investigated it but couldn’t pin anything on the church.

05 :direfirespire: 10/5 (01:22:58) ID: 1xm29cv0
Anti-tech fanatics now have their own religion? Who’s signing up for that?

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