Church of the Omega
Sermon Date: 11/10
[Zephyr’s Speech—transcribed by hand]

We have been given a grand opportunity—our first true step towards righting the wrongs of this wired world. This will not come without sacrifice, however. To achieve our goal, we will have to use the very mechanical atrocities that we so fervently denounce.

Some may deem this hypocrisy—if so, I will bear that burden and I will shoulder their scorn. The time has come for fire to be met with fire—and in doing so, it shall spawn a purifying inferno that cleanses all.

We have discovered that the machine-worshippers have created a device—one capable of undoing the technological stranglehold they’ve spent years fostering. We must possess that device and put it to use.

Obtaining this artificial abomination shall not be easy—in truth, it will be the supreme test of our faith. In days, it will travel by sea, and that is where we must take it.

After it is in our possession, we will turn our attention to Pallad City, a sprawling electric edifice blighted by man’s uncontrolled hubris. The wicked city will be the first of many to face divine retribution. With this device, we shall darken their entire megalopolis—and then, once they are free of the Machine, we will move on to the next city, then the next, and so on—lighting the way to a brave new world.

Children of the Omega, the time we have so patiently waited for is at hand.

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.