[Encrypted Red Wolf Communication – Dated 3 Weeks Ago]
Re: Night Fang

The Night Fang is an experimental EMP weapon vital to upcoming Red Wolf missions—and, as such, knowledge of its existence will be limited to only select individuals in the organization.

Following procurement of the EMP, we will use the cargo ship NANDA to transport it to our active cell in Avalon.

The target will be the GeoCore of a major city, where the results will be most effective. If our demands are met and we withhold activating the device, it will provide Red Wolf with enough resources and funds to radically expand our operations. If our demands are not met, activating the Night Fang will show the world what Red Wolf is truly capable of.

Either outcome will be beneficial to the organization’s future.

Red Wolves Forever.

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.