[Encrypted NetMail – Dated 2 years, 5 months ago]
To: ASyren@SI.xop
From: MKristov@SI.xop
Subject: RE: Security Breach

Ms. Syren,

We’ve just finished determining what was stolen during last week’s breach. Our security team discovered the theft of three hard drives containing schematics for covert-operation military gear. Technicians have reviewed back-ups of the hard drives—most of the schematics were for projects that were rejected early in development. Also missing was a NetPad from the B4-9 Division, while five data files were accessed via a terminal in Sector 7 R&D. The NetPad was from an engineer with low-level clearance and the data files contained documents for projects that had already been scrapped.

Lastly, an experimental Geist-M29 stealth suit was stolen. This was an early prototype designed before the Geist Project was put on hold.

Judging by what was taken or, in this case, what was not taken, it seems unlikely this was an act of corporate espionage. The thief’s complete disregard for high-level clearance files points to this being the work of an individual and not a competitor.

Our investigation is ongoing and we will keep you updated as any new information becomes available.

Mikhail Kristov
Head of Security Division
Syren Industries

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.