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Micro-EMP Technology

EMP (electromagnetic pulse) technology has expanded in recent years but, in one area, it has drastically shrunk—specifically, in the size of the devices themselves. New micro-EMP tech allows miniature devices to be strategically concealed on an individual, making it an ideal tool for espionage operations.

Micro-EMP devices emit a short burst of electromagnetic energy, powerful enough to disrupt nearby communications or damage electronic equipment such as NetPhones, laptops, hard drives, etc. More advanced ones can even disable the locking mechanisms in electronic handcuffs or the BID (Bio-identification) chips in firearms.

Micro-EMPs are not without limitations, however. The user must be in close proximity to their target when using the device and, due to the miniaturized nature of the technology, most are single-use only (the internal system “burns out” after activation).

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.