Q80 Firebat (from Manufacturer’s Catalog)

The Q80 Firebat is Sowa Sound’s latest release, an earpiece communicator that is as versatile as it is dependable.

Originally designed for military and law enforcement agencies, the Firebat utilizes a high-quality Auron chip and is powered by a single Centrium-2 battery (one charge allows for 500 hours of continuous use and nearly 6,000 hours in standby mode). The Q80 model only requires 10 minutes of charge time to fully power the battery.

The Firebat is lightweight, durable, and when worn feels nearly weightless due to its sturdy prylon-plastic shell and ergonomic design. The micro-Sowa speaker, featuring the most advanced noise/echo cancellation technology on the market, guarantees clear audio without distortion. The Vener-Hetzer microphone offers customizable levels of sensitivity, along with voice modification options.

The White Wraith. Story by Midnight. Art by Leonel Walbr.