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RN-34 Assault Rifle

The RN-34 is a selective-fire, gas-operated 7.62x39mm assault rifle. It is named after the original designer, Renick Naiko, and the ‘34’ designation comes from the factory number where it was first manufactured.

Standard weight with magazine is 3.23 kg. Standard length is 850 mm, and barrel length is 410 mm.

At full cyclic rate, the RN-34 can fire 500 rounds per minute. Actual combat rate of fire is 90 rounds per minute (fully auto) and 35 rounds per minute (semi-auto). Standard magazines hold 35 rounds, but extended round magazines are available. Effective firing range is 300 m.

As per the Telson Act, all RN-34 assault rifles feature BID chip technology.

Supplemental: the RN-34 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the world. When compared to newer models, the RN-34 often ranks low in terms of precision and stopping power. Regardless, the assault rifle has a proven reputation of dependability in combat situations, which has elevated its status considerably in recent years. This, coupled with the RN-34’s affordable cost and ease of manufacture, has made it popular with third-world military regimes, drug cartels, terrorists, and even smaller private security contractors. The RN-34’s use has risen drastically in the last year due to new BID chip blockers, capable of unlocking the bio-identification weapon systems so that any user can fire them. The growing presence of black market RN-34s in the Middle East can be confirmed in the ongoing war between Zardika and Karzostan. Reports state, however, that build quality on these illegal versions are often inferior to the official models.

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